Lottie Moss has learnt to love her "imperfections".

Lottie Moss (c) Instagram

Lottie Moss (c) Instagram

The 19-year-old model has taken to social media to open up about body confidence, and although she claims she has a "small bum" and doesn't have "huge boobs", she is "happy" with her appearance and wants to encourage other people to avoid putting pressure on themselves to look "perfect".

The blonde-haired beauty - who is the sister of 43-year-old supermodel Kate Moss - shared a picture of her from the back wearing a skimpy bikini whilst on holiday in Greece on her Instagram account.

She captioned the post: "We may not all love our figure, we all have imperfections but I have learnt to love mine, I don't have a small bum or huge boobs but I'm happy that way (sic)."

And the catwalk icon - who has appeared in fashion campaigns for designer brands including Bulgari, Chanel and Calvin Klein - has urged people to avoid "photoshop" and adjusting their photographs in an "unsafe way".

Her post continued: "And for any girls out there that think they need to photoshop pictures or adjust things about themselves in an unsafe way need to know that nobody is perfect and although you go on Instagram and see loads of pictures of models that look amazing, I can tell you now it takes a lot of pictures, nice lighting, a flattering outfit, hair and makeup, etc to do so! #loveyourself (sic)."

Meanwhile Lottie, who is currently dating 'Made In Chelsea' star Alex Mytton, has vowed "never" to join the reality E4 programme.

Speaking previously about new additions to the cast, the reality star Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo said: "I'm good friends with Lottie and see her a lot, but she would never come on the show."

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