Meg Stalter has said it took her a "while" to find a sense of style.

Meg Stalter on accepting herself to find a sense of style

Meg Stalter on accepting herself to find a sense of style

The 32-year-old comedienne - who is known for her role as airhead PA Kayla on sitcom 'Hacks' - explained that while she always interested in the idea of fashion and beauty, she had to learn to "love" her own body before being able to explore style for herself.

She said: "It took me a little while to find my style. I’ve always been really into fashion and makeup and hair, but I don’t think I really found my sense of style until I fell in love with myself and went, 'Oh, I could do whatever I want and wear what I want to!'"

Meg - who is also known for her viral comedy videos - added that learning how to become a character has also helped her when it comes to finding her own style.

She told Vogue: "Getting excited about dressing a character, even if it’s for like a three-minute video online, has encouraged me that I can wear whatever I want in real life, too. When you dress like characters, I feel like it does encourage you because it’s like, 'Who do I feel like I am today?'

" Because we’re so many different things. I used to think I needed to pick one thing like, ‘Oh I’m, ’70s girl,’ but it’s like, we’re not just one thing. Characters are all part of us or people we know, at least."

The 'Tooning on the News' star embraces "big " and when it comes to hair and make-up and has "always loved" style icons such as Dolly Parton and Cher.

She added: "I've always loved big hair and big makeup, like Dolly Parton. Anytime someone does my hair and they ask me what I want to look like, I’m like Brigitte Bardot, like that big hair! I love a glam moment! I love Cher! I love a Las Vegas lady! I love the glamour and glitz of it all.

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