Mel C's fashion choices have become "more feminine" as her career has evolved.

Mel C

Mel C

The 46-year-old pop star rose to fame as part of the Spice Girls in the 90s - but Mel has slowly moved away from her Sporty Spice persona over the years.

Reflecting on her fashion evolution, Mel - who released her debut solo album, 'Northern Star', in 1999 - shared: "I felt a bit rebellious when I released my first solo record. I was very keen to be seen as something separate from the Spice Girls, so I chopped all my hair off, went a little bit punk and spent a couple of years trying to not be Sporty Spice.

"More recently, on tour with [the LGBTQ+ collective] Sink the Pink, my costume looked like a corset version of an American football top, but it was made from old pairs of trainers: a bit of Nike, a bit of Adidas.

"I still love athleisure, but I also feel confident enough to be a bit more feminine at times. I know what suits me: simplicity, tailoring, a more androgynous look."

Mel also acknowledged how her Sporty Spice persona has managed to influence fashion trends.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "I've always liked that rock'n'roll chic; Kate Moss looks effortlessly cool.

"So much of fashion history repeats itself: my daughter is now 11 and she and her friends are all dressing like Sporty Spice - they don't even realise that I was there first."