Michael Keaton thinks the weather has taken its toll on his skin.

Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton

The 66-year-old actor spends a lot of his time outdoors and has blamed the harsh weather conditions in Montana, America, for making him look more aged than he would like to look.

Speaking about his appearance, the 'Batman' star said: "I live in the west - Montana - so I'm outside all the time. A lot of sun and wind beating the s**t out of your face. Which has taken its toll on me."

But the star - who has 34-year-old son Sean Douglas with his ex wife Caroline McWilliams - has admitted his previous lovers have advised him on the best beauty products to use to prevent signs of ageing.

He explained: "Fortunately, I've gone out with enough women who said, 'You'd better out this cream on your face.' I'm not kidding."

And Michael has revealed he has slapped on plenty of moisturisers and lotions over the past 10 years than he has ever before to "save" his skin, and he thinks applying he skincare products has done the trick.

He told the Metro newspaper: "The past ten years or whatever, I have put more creams and lotions on my face to try to save myself. I laugh at it but I think maybe it works."

Michael also maintains his slender frame by working out on a regular basis, although he has admitted he only exercises to prevent him from getting ill.

Speaking about his fitness routine, he said: "I have always been in pretty good shape because I work at it. I don't only take care of myself for my career. You know honestly why I do it? Because I really don't feel like getting sick. So I do everything I can to keep myself healthy as long as I can."

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