Michael Kors thinks his clothes can't be fully appreciated in pictures.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

The 57-year-old designer showcased his new 1940s-influenced collection at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday (14.09.16) and "adores" the fact people need to see the garments close up to truly understand their beauty.

He said: "I adore the fact that in an age where so many people live on their phones, these are clothes you can't fully appreciate from an Instagram picture.

"You have to see them in person".

Michael's influences for the collection were strength and romance, and he wants people to think "in a different way" about how to use their clothes to grab attention - favouring something that is "chic, glamorous and powerful", rather than shocking.

He told Telegraph Fashion: "We're talking to Hollywood and trying to get them to think in a different way.

"Forget about going naked or wearing a train. This is about chic, glamour and power."

Though the designer's fashion empire brought in $917.5 billion in 2015, Michael insists he has "no idea" about the financial side of the business and simply bases his success on whether he sees women wearing his creations as they offer physical proof of his popularity.

He admitted: "I have no idea about numbers.

"I've just always thought that if I see women carrying my bags or wearing my clothes, then I must be doing my job".

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