Michael Kors "never" gets bored being a designer.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

The 58-year-old creative mastermind, who set up his eponymous designer brand in 1981, has admitted he is happy with his career and would never want to have another job because he is always kept on his toes creating new collections for his fashion house.

When asked about his dream job, the mogul said: "The one I have. No day is ever the same, so I never get bored, which I love. That's what has kept me going for the last 35 years."

However, if Michael didn't make it as a designer, he would have worked "behind the scenes" in Broadway, because he cannot sing or dance and and would need to be out of the spotlight.

When asked about his plan B career path, he said: "Broadway! I can't sing or dance, so I would do something more behind the scenes, like producing."

But Michael has not had to venture down the theatrical route after he landed his big break at the age of 21, and he has praised the former fashion director of Bergdorf, Dawn Mello, for helping him break into the fashion industry.

When asked how he became a notable figure in the business, he said: "Dawn Mello, former fashion director of Bergdorf's, seeing my designs in the window of Lothar's when I was 21. She stopped in one day while I was dressing the windows and told me that if I ever started my own collection, to give her a call. I went home that night and got started."

And Michael has admitted he "loves" to travel because it inspires his work, but when his hectic work schedule doesn't allow him to jet off across the globe he will watch a musical to get the creative juices flowing.

He told ElleUK.com: "I love to travel, I find it to be an endless source of inspiration. And when I can't actually get out of town, I think a trip to the theatre is the next best thing because it totally immerses you in another time, place and lifestyle."

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