Michelle Pfeiffer was "really attracted" to her father's fragrance growing up.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer

The 'Hairspray' star has launched her sixth perfume by her brand Henry Rose, Queens & Monsters, and revealed that the smell was inspired by her dad Richard's go-to cologne.

She recalled: "When I was growing up and wearing fragrance, I was always really attracted to men's fragrance, particularly my father's cologne, which I found very intoxicating."

The perfume contains sandalwood and jasmine and also has hints of lavender and musk.

The 61-year-old actress added: "It's a very sensual fragrance, and it's kind of fresh and creamy at the same time."

The movie star - who launched Henry Rose last year - revealed she was advised not to launch a genderless fragrance, however her customers were very interested.

She explained to Allure: "For a little short period of time, I kind of went off of it, because I thought they just knew more than me.

"Anyway, turns out they didn't."

She added: "So many women tell me that [they wear men's fragrances]; it's not just my generation."

The 'Stardust' star believes perfumes do not require labels.

She concluded: "A beautiful scent is a beautiful scent, and it works on a man, and it works on a woman.

"And if you don't label it as a female or a male scent, people don't really associate it [with gender], they just associate it with that person."

Meanwhile, Michelle is hoping to bring out a body lotion by "fall".

Queens & Monsters is priced at $120.

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