Millie Mackintosh suffers with adult acne.

Millie Mackintosh

Millie Mackintosh

The 29-year-old former 'Made In Chelsea' star thought she had "left it behind in my twenties" but as she approaches her 30th birthday she is still battling with skin problems but rather than shy away from her zit issues she has chosen to use her Instagram account to share her struggles.

In an interview with Glamour, she said: "We need to share things on social media that aren't perfect because we all have imperfections and sharing them makes you feel stronger.

"I had acne as a teenager and then you get into your twenties, you think you've left it behind and then it decided to make a comeback in your twenties.

"I am nearly thirty, already having to deal with adult sh*t and now your skin throws acne in the mix and it's really annoying. Adult acne affects so many people and it's not that talked about, so I decided to share my journey with it through my Instagram. I feel better about it even just from sharing it."

To try and get her acne under control Millie avoids high sugar foods, alcohol and dairy as they all aggravate her skin, and she also uses face masks and laser treatments to keep her spots under control.

Millie - who is married to Hugo Taylor - said: "I'm trying to deal with it from a few different angles so I'm not really eating sugar; I've cut back on dairy. These are things that are proven to aggravate your skin and cause acne - not for everyone - but if you're prone to it, they are good things to cut out.

"I've cut back on cheese, booze and cake but my skin is getting better. I've started seeing Dr. Nick Lowe because people told me he was the best and I've started using some of his acne skincare, which is really good - he has got a great mask. I've been going in to do some laser treatments, too, which have been helping with it."

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