Jenny is Eliminated

Jenny is Eliminated

Jenny was always one of the biggest personalities in Britain's Missing Top Model so it's no suprise that her elimination was the most explosive watch to date.

In this week's task the girls hit the catwalk alongside professional non-disabled models to model creations by popular fashion designer Tracey Boyd.

During a catwalk masterclass with expert Ian Mills it's apparent that Sophie and Jenny are going to struggle most with the walking aspect of modelling. However after a brief emotional moment Sophie pulls it together and manages to wheel down the runway with the attitude and poise of a pro model.

Jenny on the other hand was still struggling with her walk as the day came to an end. The 22 year old from Seattle, US has a condition called Ataxia, which causes unsteadiness and difficulties with balance, so although she tries to walk in high heels, such shoes are quickly ruled out.

Later in the evening, back at the apartment, a tearful Jenny retreats to her room and confides to the camera: "It's not fair, because my body won't do what I tell it to do".

The next day when Jenny heads out on the catwalk in front of a real audience and the judges, the problems she experienced with her balance during training come back to haunt her.

She briefly stumbles as she takes her first steps and the horrified look on her face is obvious, but fortunately she manages to right herself in time to commence her first journey up and down the catwalk with no further mishap.

It wasn't just Jenny's performance on the catwalk that drew the attention of the judges on elimination day and Mark Summers is clear to point out her other flaws as she comes before the panel.

"Do you think that it's right for you to go around to every single male, including myself, and flirt with them to the point where it's almost sexual?" he says as he confronts Jenny over her inappropraitely flirtatious manner.

Mark refers to an inccident earlier that day where Jenny had directed some suggestive 'lap dancer style'moves towards him in what seemed like harmless fun at the time.

Jenny looks obviously shocked and upset by the accusations but Mark continues saying he would worry about sending her out to meet clients because she can not conduct herself professionally.

Wayne disagrees with Mark from the start and is the first to criticise the way he handled the awkward situation- tension is obviously building between the pair already.

Just when Jenny thinks things couldn't get any worse Lara Masters pulls her up on a comment she was heard making to fellow contestant Jess while the girls sat before the panel.

"There's no way that you can do this," Jenny was heard whispering to Jess, who had struggled with her ME during the catwalk task. "I know this disease, I know about it, and I don't want you to get yourself hurt more than you already are".

When Lara asks Jenny to explain herself Sohpie jumps to her defence saying that she agrees with her and that Jess needs to 'get a little bit tougher.'

As the elimination approaches it's just Jess and Jenny left before the panel of judges and it's Jenny's turn to hear bad news as Jess heads through to the next round.

Marie O'Riordan sums up the opinions of the panel, telling Jenny that there were concerns about her personality and how well she could get on with groups of people, and that she had probably reached her potential in the contest

Mark Summers feels this isn't enough and soon jumps in to ask Jenny where she thinks she went wrong. This is the final straw for the former cheerleader as she breaks down and admits that perhaps she was too sexual.

Wayne can't contain his anger any longer and walks over to console Jenny and tells her :"It's an absolutely **** industry, and you're best out of it. Just go out there and use your attitude and your voice ... and stop people driving fast"- a reference to the road safety campaigning that she has been so active in since the car accident that caused her disability.

As the thrid show draws to an end the feud between Wayne and Mark is still not over. Wayne is seen threatening to leave the show and storms from the room. Things are certainly heating up for Britain's Missing Top Model and as the contest heads to it's third week things are only going to get hotter!

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