Modelling helped Holly Willoughby "come out of her shell".

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

The 37-year-old TV personality - who rose to fame at the age of 14 after being scouted by top agency Storm and posing for teen magazines like Mizz - has claimed that modelling helped to boost her self-confidence.

Speaking on the 'Beauty Full Lives' podcast with Madeleine Spencer, Holly said: "I really think it helped me come out of my shell because I wasn't the most confident person at school.

"All my school friends still can't understand how I'm doing the job that I'm doing because they're like, 'You were the one with your sleeve pulled down over your hand and your jumper over your mouth because you were too scared to look anyone in the eye.'"

The 'This Morning' host also revealed the "functional" contents of her make-up bag, which includes Caudalie Beauty Elixir facial spray, a pencil from Lily Lilo, Eyeko's Waterproof Shadow Liner, and a Burt's Bees lipstick.

The blonde beauty insisted she has a simple approach to skincare as she didn't grow up in a house with lots of "pots and potions and lotions".

She said: "I didn't grow up looking at my mum and seeing all these pots and potions and lotions and think, 'Oh my god, this is the world for me I love all of this.'

"But at the same time that probably gave me quite a healthy outlook on it all which was it wasn't something, it wasn't like, 'Oh Holly, you must look after your skin you must look after your skin.'"

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