Nick Jonas is keen to launch his own clothing line in the future.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

The 25-year-old star has recently collaborated with designer John Varvatos, and he's suggested that, in the long term, he'd like to launch his own brand.

Nick - who has made the transition from music to acting during his career - explained: "I think it's the same way I think about the acting side of things. When I'm on set, whether it was on 'Kingdom' or 'Jumanji', I really try to be a student of the whole process - not just my process as an actor, more with an eye towards wanting to write and direct someday.

"But I know that I want to get to a place where I've been around enough creative people and been in enough films that people will trust me. In the same way, I want to continue to be a student for a while."

Nick has relished the experience of working with John on their collaboration.

And the dark-haired hunk believes that the more time he spends with established designers, the better placed he is to launch his own line.

He told GQ magazine: "To work with someone like John with a career like his, and a brand that's a household name...

"Then, eventually, if there's ever an opportunity to do something on my own, I'll feel like I've had the experience and time with someone who could teach me. I'm going to be patient with that, but I do see that the sky is the limit."

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