Nicky Hilton has launched her first-ever shoe collection.

Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton

The 36-year-old fashion guru has dipped her toe into the designing of clothes, jewellery, handbags and cosmetics during her time in the industry but never has she created her own footwear range until she teamed up with French Sole.

Speaking to, she said: "It was the missing link."

Her collection includes everyday staples such as loafers, pumps and ballerina flats - which she believes are "the equivalent of a sneaker," but "more chic and just as comfortable" - in neutral colour palettes ranging from $150 to $225 per item.

She explained: "I really wanted to make timeless shoes. I wanted the customer to be able to have these in their wardrobe for years and years to come. Like for me, leopard is a neutral. It's never going out of style, it's so timeless."

And as if creating her own collection wasn't personal enough, Nicky has put a unique stamp on the designs by naming them after the special women in her life - such as her mother Kathy Hilton and her sister Paris Hilton.

Nicky has loved French Sole since she was a child because her footwear was the only thing she had freedom with when she attended her strict Catholic school.

She explained: "So, our footwear was our only way of expressing our passion. Walking home from school one day, I stumbled upon French Sole and I just fell in love with their shoes. And I've been a customer of them since I was in high school and continued that into mommyhood."

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