Nicola Formichetti

Nicola Formichetti

Nicola Formichetti wants to make Diesel the "coolest brand on the planet".

The designer - who recently quit Lady Gaga's Haus of Gaga creative team - is excited about his new job as creative director for the fashion label and determined to push boundaries to excite people.

He said: "I want to make Diesel the coolest brand on the planet and blow everyone's mind and we'll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

"I'm going to break all the rules - just wait for it.

"People have always tried to get me to turn the volume down. Renzo [Rosso, Diesel founder] just tells me to be more crazy - it's incredible to have that support behind you."

Nicola says stripper-turned-rapper Brooke Candy is his new muse and has been inspiring him in his new role.

He added to Grazia magazine: "She really inspires me. She has that thing - like when I first met Gaga - that very raw feeling. People hate her or love her - it was the same thing with Gaga at the beginning. So many people said to me, 'Why are you working with her?' "

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