Olivia Culpo considers herself to be an "overdresser".

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

The 25-year-old model has admitted she much prefers to go over the top wither outfits than to be "underdressed", because she "loves clothes" and "feels strange" if she is at a bash and looks "too casual".

Speaking about her wardrobe choices to InStyle.com, the brunette beauty said: "I personally tend to be an overdresser rather than an underdresser in general. But that's mainly because I love clothes and I love putting together an interesting look. At a party, it can also feel strange when you're too casual. If you're really stuck, ask the host what they're wearing and follow that lead."

And the style icon particularly enjoys making an effort with her appearance over the festive season.

She explained "I love to get all dressed up and throw parties around the holidays. I grew up in a big Italian family, and we were always having people come over to celebrate. So now it just comes natural to me."

Olivia - who is currently dating Danny Amendola - has revealed she has been buying a lot of red lately, but she also loves a simple yet classy "monochromatic look".

She said: "I've been buying a tonne of red lately. And I love a monochromatic look during the holidays because it's so pulled together, yet still playful.

"Layer a black turtleneck bodysuit under your jackets and dresses. It also looks chic with a pair of trousers.

"A pair of high-waisted leather leggings. You can put it with an oversize sweater or a sleek blazer, and it can take you somewhere casual or dressy."

And to top off her showstopping outfits Olivia likes to wear a sweep of rouge lipstick and a slick of black eyeliner to make the perfect "cat eye".

Speaking about her beauty preferences, she said: "I love MAC lip liner with a bold Laura Mercier lipstick on top. I don't wear any mascara when I do a cat eye, so all of the focus is on the liner."

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