Olivia Culpo's "guilty pleasure" is "fried chicken butter biscuit sandwich".

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

The 25-year-old model lives a healthy lifestyle but she has admitted she does indulge in tasty treats "in moderation", and her all-time favourite feast is battered pieces of meat dipped in honey mustard and jalapenos, which are then sandwiched between two butter biscuits, which is a concoction her boyfriend Danny Amendola introduced her to.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her eating habits, the brunette beauty said: "I love this one guilty pleasure my boyfriend has made for me before. It's fried chicken cutlets with honey mustard and then jalapeño and they're between two butter biscuits - like a sandwich - a fried chicken butter biscuit sandwich. It's so good."

But when the style icon - who teamed up with the fashion label PrettyLittleThing earlier this year - is eating clean she will enjoy eggs, turkey bacon and quinoa, although she may swap one ingredient with multigrain bread, or she will opt for a nutritious smoothie bowl.

She said: "That's one of my favourites or I have it with multigrain bread.

"For breakfast, I love making smoothie bowls. There's so many different ingredients you can use. Basically you would take everything you would put into a smoothie but you can make it a little bit more firm by using frozen bananas, frozen fruit and extra ice, and you put it into a bowl.

"Another healthy breakfast for me would be a little bit of granola with fresh berries and a low fat plain greek yogurt or a fruit salad with coffee is a staple, too. It wakes you up and it's refreshing."

But when Olivia wants to be "really healthy" she will sip on juices.

She explained: "I love juicing when I'm trying to be really healthy. I just bought a juicer and I do have to say it makes you feel really, really, really good."

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