Olivier Rousteing is "addicted" to early morning fitness classes.

Olivier Rousteing

Olivier Rousteing

The 31-year-old fashion designer, who is the creative director of Balmain, has admitted as much as he would love to have a lie-in every morning he has to force himself to work out because he "needs a release" from his busy work schedule.

Speaking about his daily routine to Grazia magazine, the creative mastermind: "I'm tempted to sleep in, of course, but with the pressure of my job I need a release, and I get that from working out. I'm addicted to early boxing classes and cardio workouts. They help me push out any anger and bring in good vibes."

Once the mogul has worked up a sweat he will prepare his "uniform" for the day ahead, although his wardrobe choices are simple.

He continued: "I take a long shower and prepare my uniform. I like to dress quite simply, but powerfully for work - a double-breasted blazer, skinny black jeans and a black tee, Balmain, naturally."

And the fashion muse will apply a touch of make-up to accentuate his chiselled jaw line.

He added: "I'm just born with great bone structure. No, I'm kidding, of course I use some bronzer to sharpen my contours."

Olivier also swears by a hydrating face serum, which he will apply "daily", as well as a clay face mask, to keep his skin looking "fresh".

He said: "In the fashion world, you don't have time to rest, you always have to look fresh, so I use a hydrating serum daily, a clay mask twice a week and lip balm."

Olivier, who has worked with models including Kylie Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jourdan Dunn, has admitted the catwalk icons are his "inspiration" for his clothing lines, although he feels his relationship with the blonde-haired beauty goes beyond just a friendship and is more of a sibling bond.

He said: "The models i work with aren't just friends, they're my inspiration, too. The younger girls are the next generations and are full of amazing ideas that I like to bring to light.

"[I am closest to] Rosie-Huntington Whiteley. I just love her, and Jourdan Dunn - every time I see them I feel like they're my sisters."

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