Pearl Lowe worries about looking "muffin".

Betty, Daisy and Pearl Lowe

Betty, Daisy and Pearl Lowe

The 48-year-old fashion designer - who has daughter Daisy, 29, with Gavin Rossdale and Alfie, 22, Frankie, 19, and 12-year-old Betty with husband Danny Goffey - loves "faded glamour" and her latest collection of vintage-inspired dresses were designed with her own body shape in mind.

She said: "I'm not stick thin, I've got boobs and a bum and I find it really difficult to find clothes, so I have to create them.

"Also I don't ever want to look 'muffin' so I won't wear anything mini, sleeveless or tight any more."

And the former Powder rocker won't wear skinny jeans any more.

She said in a recent interview: "I haven't worn them for 10 years. If I had a nice body I would, but since moving to the country I've put on weight so I prefer myself in dresses - although it can get a bit cold here in Somerset in the winter."

Pearl also views Daisy as a "constant source of inspiration" and also has her in mind when designing.

She explained: "I call her my muse because she's a curvy girl.

"So I design with her in mind because if it looks lovely on her, I can think, 'OK, that's great.' "

Daisy views Pearl as a role model and credits her mother for making her the person she is now.

She said: "Her creativity and enthusiasm for making women feel beautiful from the inside out has certainly nurtured me into the woman I am today."

And the brunette beauty enjoys fronting campaigns for her mother.

She said: "Modelling for her can often be a lot more enjoyable as we're so comfortable with each other.

"But we do sometimes disagree on certain aspects, as most mothers and daughters do."