Rebel Wilson designed her 'Pitch Perfect 3' wardrobe before she released her clothing line Rebel Wilson x Angels.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson

The 37-year-old actress has reprised her role as Fat Amy in the third instalment of the comedy musical, but the star has revealed she had created the outfits she wore in the movie a while before her label was released earlier this year.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the funny woman said: "Fat Amy is a girl, like myself, who is very comfortable in her own skin. She doesn't need super expensive clothes or anything fancy. She wears pretty much 'every day' clothes but wears them boldly.

"Without knowing when and if the brand might be released, I designed pieces specifically to wear in 'Pitch Perfect 3' with the hope that I'd be able to sell these when the movie came out."

And Rebel wanted to make her costumes available to the public because she is aware her character has a huge fan base.

She said: "I know there's a lot of plus size girls and women out there who love my character, and I wanted them to have the opportunity to look like her."

Rebel - who launched her new plus-sized clothing range earlier this year - is still "learning" about the fashion business.

She said: "It's definitely a learning process. I'm constantly learning about lead times and manufacture and fabrics and fit. I'm learning what different stores like to stock. I'm learning from our fabulous customers, some of whom I've been lucky enough to meet in person this year at Seattle and Dallas meet and greets.

"There is still so little choice out there online and in stores for the plus size customer. So my goal is that Rebel Wilson x Angels fills this gap and encourages more designers to create plus ranges."

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