Rihanna learnt to contour when she "gained weight".



The 30-year-old R&B superstar launched her own makeup line Fenty Beauty, which caters for all skin tones, last year and the range became an instant sell-out with her millions of fans snapping up the products.

The 'Work' singer confessed to learning how to define and shape her face with her beauty products after she put on a few pounds and her Match Stix Skinsticks in the shade Mocha is her product of choice to use on her "fat days".

Appearing in a makeup tutorial for the Vogue YouTube channel, she shared: "It's very important to contour your face for your face, not the way you see on every YouTube tutorial. Because everyone has a different shape.

"Contour always starts off looking crazy, but I Learnt how to contour when I gained weight believe it or not, that's when it comes in real handy on those fat days, when your cheeks looking like baby cheeks you just gotta [use the make-up to suck in your cheeks]."

Rihanna - who is launching her own Fenty Savage lingerie line later this month - swears by the Fenty Beauty Invisible Blotting Powder for when she wants a matte look, and admits she "never leaves without it".

She said: "I use this powder to set my contour, to set my makeup and to blot, when you get greasy on the fly honey it's no joke, I always have this I never leave home without it, it's always in my purse, and if it doesn't fit in my purse, I'm changing my purse."

And her inspiration behind her newest body product, the Body Lava, came from her own DIY beauty products she created when she spent time in her home country Barbados.

She explained: "Inspiration behind the body lava for me, I always used to go to the Caribbean, in Barbados where I am from, and every time I would sit there and [mix] body glitter makeup with oil and [eye] shadows I crushed up and pigments and I would just blend it all up to make this glowy thing and I'd have to keep it in a plastic cup the whole trip. I always thought I could never find the perfect body make-up so I made my lava, and it is glorious."

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