Rina Sawayama “loves being a chameleon in clothes”.

Rina Sawayama loves wearing Chanel and Schiaparelli

Rina Sawayama loves wearing Chanel and Schiaparelli

The ‘This Hell’ hitmaker was so excited to try on loads of outfits for her Elle shoot.

The 31-year-old pop star told the fashion bible how much she “loves being a chameleon in clothes” and outlined her belief that haute couture - by houses such as Schiaparelli and Chanel - is “obviously is the pinnacle of fashion and artistry and tailoring and creativity. I was so, so excited.”

Rina also gushed about her love of South Korean designer Miss Sohee as she “kept touching the clothes because they were so well-constructed.

The ‘XS’ hitmaker touched upon her former career as a professional clothes horse, which gave her a “big appreciation” for the work that goes into bringing a fashion shoot to life.

She said: “I actually started off as a model, so I have a big appreciation for everyone on set, and I’m quite used to being a canvas.”

Rina - who now regularly collaborates with stylist Jordan Kelsey - gave insight into how she had to “work” to get to work with big designers in her career.

At the start of her foray into music, she said: “It was more ad hoc, there wasn’t really a plan.... Obviously, when you enter this industry, it’s hard to pull looks. You’ve got to work your way up there to be trusted by PRs and fashion houses to wear these pieces. I feel so lucky that I’ve slowly built my relationships with designers in a way that they’ll loan me these incredible pieces.”

Of Jordan, Rina said: “She’s so intelligent, and she really thinks ahead about what a certain brand is going to add to my project or how people perceive what I’m doing. It’s just so fun to talk with someone who speaks my language in that sense. And so, for this upcoming record, it’s been a way more consistent vision.”

The ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ star gushed how “crazy it was to be in the front row” at New York Fashion Week with stars such as Angus Cloud, Megan Thee Stallion and Tommy Dorfman.

“I mean, I spent the longest time trying to get into shows at London Fashion Week, and it’s just so crazy to be in the front row. It’s such an honour to be able to see these clothes and have the pure, direct expression of what the designer or creative director is thinking for that collection, and it’s fed to your eyeballs straight away.”