Rochelle Humes always goes for an "understated" make-up look on date nights with husband Marvin Humes to feel like herself.

Rochelle Humes prefers to go for an understated look for date nights with Marvin

Rochelle Humes prefers to go for an understated look for date nights with Marvin

The former Saturdays singer - who has kids Alaia-Mai, nine, Valentina, five, and Blake, 19 months, with the 37-year-old JLS star - opts for a natural look and likes to make the most effort with her outfit and hair on nights out with her other half.

She told OK! Magazine: "I always go understated on the make-up because otherwise, it doesn't feel like me.

"So it's more that I'll tong my hair nicely, or I'll wear something special.

"Does Marvin notice? Yes! He does, he always tells me I look lovely.

"I'm that person who says, 'What, this old thing?' and he'll say, 'Oh just take the compliment!'"

The 33-year-old singer admits she thinks she looks better now than she did during her stint in The Saturdays, and her eldest daughter agrees.

She said: "When we were in The Saturdays we wore a lot of make-up.

"I mean, it was done well, it was just full-on.

"I was looking at girl band pictures with Alaia the other day and she said, 'Mummy, you look older there than you do now.'

"Actually, it was a fair point."

Asked if she thinks she looks better now, Rochelle added: "I know what works for me now.

"So, yes, I do think I do. As you get older, you know your face and your hair so well.

"You know what you're doing."

In fact, the mother-of-three has never felt more "comfortable" in her skin.

She said: "I know myself, and I think there's a lot to be said for that.

"It is empowering. I know what I like now and what I want to do - and what I don't.

"In my twenties I spent a lot of time being a bit of a yes woman, worrying about pleasing everybody else.

"Now I'm in my thirties, I feel I can say no.

"I'm comfortable with that in a way I wasn't before."