Roland Mouret designed the Galaxy dress to make women wear underwear.

Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret

The 54-year-old French fashion designer has admitted the inspiration behind his signature creation, which was unveiled in his Spring/Summer 2006 collection, was to design a garment "accessible" to women that could be worn with a bra underneath, and to help make men fall in love with an elegantly dressed female.

Speaking about the impact of the famous dress, which features a square neck line with structured sleeve and a cinched in waistline, he said: "I think it [the Galaxy dress] established me as a designer who understands the female body.

"I wanted to design a dress that you could wear a bra with.

"In my head I wanted something accessible to every woman, and didn't want to do clothes for a skinny woman.

"That's what my job is supposed to be to read what a woman doesn't like about her body ad emphasise what she does love and thinking how to make the man really have a crush on the women wearing my clothes."

And the creative mastermind has revealed he creates his fashion line to suit "reality" rather than for catwalk shows.

He explained: "We were coming out of the heroin chic period and it was all about youth - no one was considering if you have to wear a dress for something less exotic than the fashion 'trends'. The dress was competitive with the fashion world, because you either do clothes for the fashion world or you do clothes for people who don't live like in the pictures.

"That's what was interesting as a designer was to start working with reality and not just on the catwalk, and think that women are inspiring, and the starting point of creativity, and not to just make something for a show."

Meanwhile Roland is glad he is known for his masterpieces, which he believes has made him a recognised figure in the fashion industry.

He told The Telegraph: "People know more the name 'Galaxy dress' than they do 'Roland Mouret', and that is brilliant.

"As a designer you come to fashion with a love of the history, and you try through your work to leave your little mark in the big book of fashion. You try to have that moment for yourself, and that's what the Galaxy gave me, my own line in that fashion bible."

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