Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret was inspired by Donna Karan's collection from the 1980s.

The French fashion designer - known for his sleek silhouettes - credits the New York-born fashion legend for inspiring his 25-piece Banana Republic collection.

Talking to The Metro about his new venture, the 52 year old said: "I want this collection to feel like a capsule. I'm a big fan of what Donna Karan was doing in the 1980s, creating the seven key pieces women need in their wardrobes."

While Roland is happy to draw inspiration from Donna, 65, he wasn't too thrilled to see his high-end designs being ripped off by high-street brands.

He explained: "Sometimes I see an anchor woman on the news wearing a dress in my silhouette - it's a complete rip-off of the shape I developed but the fact that it's mine makes me proud."

Roland first wowed fashionistas when he introduced the now-famous 'Galaxy' dress to the runway as part of his 2006 Spring/Summer collection. The £900 garment promised to flatter a normal woman's figure unlike other designers, who tend to only make clothes to suit super skinny frames.

Roland said: "I love that a model is flat-chested and so tall and slim that everything fits her but the moment I realised that women wear bras, I created the 'Galaxy'."

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