Ruth Negga's stylist believes her 2017 Oscars dress wouldn't have suited any other celebrity.

Ruth Negga at 2017 Oscars

Ruth Negga at 2017 Oscars

The 35-year-old actress adorned a long-sleeve, red maxi gown to the star studded bash earlier this year, and her fashion guru, Irene Neuwirth believes only the 'Loving' actress could pull off the ensemble, as other stars wouldn't feel "comfortable" in the attire.

Speaking about her wardrobe choice for the brunette beauty to Town and Country magazine, the style expert said: "She looked powerful and strong. She took a look that wouldn't be comfortable for a lot of people and just owned it."

However, Irene believes some movie stars "play it safe" with their style when it comes to a prestigious awards ceremony because an outfit can go "wrong very easily".

She explained: "People play it safe. It can go wrong very easily."

But Ruth's outfit was not one of them, and Irene was inundated with praise for the star's outfit for the evening.

She explained: "As soon as she walked down the carpet [at the Oscars] my phone blew up with e-mails. People were going crazy."

Irene also created the bejewelled tiara, the matching drop-down earrings and ring Ruth adorned to the event, which were all "ethically sourced".

Speaking about the accessories, Irene said: "I very rarely want to gift things, but I made that ring specifically for Ruth. To me that ring is a mix of something that is really strong, and old, and feminine, and not overdesigned, which is all that Ruth embodies."

And Ruth has admitted she loved the pieces because she doesn't like the idea people slog their guts out to make precious garments.

She said: "They're ethically sourced. I never liked the idea that someone would lose a limb just to make you look pretty."