Sarah Jessica Parker is set to open her "first" SJP Collection store.

Sarah Jessica Parker (c) Instagram

Sarah Jessica Parker (c) Instagram

The 51-year-old actress has revealed after "many trips" to Washington DC where she has been discussing her designs and construction visits she will be unveiling her debut shop on December 8, and the fashion designer has hinted she can't "actually believe" it is all coming true.

Alongside a picture of the golden haired beauty - who founded her footwear line in 2014 - wearing a high visibility jacket and hard hat consulting her team about her plans, which was shared to her Instagram account, she wrote: "Today I reveal every detail of our long held secret!

After many trips on @amtrak to DC, on-site construction visits, meetings on design and curating a very special collection we are opening our first standalone @sjpcollection store inside the brand new @mgmnationalharbor.

The big launch is on December 8th and I'm counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until we officially open the doors.

Because perhaps then I will actually believe it's real.

Follow @sjpcollection to learn more over the coming weeks and months.

X, Sj (sic)."

Meanwhile, the 'Sex and the City' star has revealed her daughters, Marion and Tabitha - who she has with her husband Matthew Broderick - are already thinking about ways to take over her empire because they have "designs" thought out that they're itching to put into practice to boost the company's success.

Speaking previously, she said: "Apparently one of my daughters is plotting to take over mama's company. She has designs."

However, Sarah isn't overly surprised as one of the twins is obsessed with fashion.

She explained: "I think she really likes being bossy. No... I think she likes organising things and kind of putting things into action. If I walk on the stairs or they see me getting dressed, they have opinions about what I'm wearing. They don't offer up design ideas yet, but I'm sure that's all moments away."