Selena Gomez can't sleep with make-up on her face.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

The 24-year-old singer has admitted she doesn't "understand" why people re-apply cosmetic products before going to bed because she has a "breakout" when she sleeps in her make-up and is "worried" if she wears any "tinted" products.

Speaking about her beauty routine to, the 'Kill Em With Kindness' star said: "I just can't understand when - and no offense - people have to wear makeup all the time, and they'll say, 'Oh, you can sleep with a tinted moisturiser or a self tanner on your face and you can wake up.' For me, I just think that's not my vibe, plus I do breakout.

"I don't know if it's bad advice, I just think it's kind of to each their own. For me, I can't really sleep with things on my body or tinted things just because I get worried. It's not my vibe."

But the star has revealed she embraces when she has an outbreak of spots because it's an inevitable thing people endure, and although the star has admitted she could undergo "procedures" to prevent an eruption of pimples she doesn't.

She explained: "Nope because life is life. If it's a photoshoot, I'm probably more lucky because Photoshop, and if it's a close up, I have to have makeup, and I just kind of do it. You can't really fight it. I think there are things that I could do or procedures for sure, but I just don't. I think that's going to happen."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty has revealed she "wished" she had hair like Blake Lively or Rachel McAdams because the former 'Gossip girl' actress has "effortless" locks, whilst the 'Southpaw' star's tresses are versatile.

She explained: "I wish she was my friend, but she's not my friend. Blake Lively. I've never met her, but I just love her hair. I think she's got beautiful, effortless hair. I think she's super beachy. I also really love, love, love Rachel McAdams, and the reason why I love her hair is because she can always change it up, and she can always kind of...I don't know. If you think about it from 'Wedding Crashers' to 'Mean Girls' to 'The Notebook', she's always changing her hair. It's like short and long and beautiful. She's kind of classy that way. Those are two people that are not my friends, but I love them, and I think they have really good hair."