Shanina Shaik's fiancé DJ Ruckus encourages her to work out.

Shanina Shaik

Shanina Shaik

The 26-year-old model tries to exercise "almost every day" of the week, and when she is feeling slightly unmotivated her partner gives her the boost of "confidence" she needs to keep her going, which helps her to stay in shape.

Speaking about her support network when she is working out, the Victoria's Secret model said: "I like yoga and pilates. Those are my favourite workouts. I like SLT, and when I'm in L.A., I like pilates to really strengthen up on the reformer. Y7 has studios in New York and LA. I love it. They play hip-hop, so I like that. I try to go to the gym almost every day.

"My fiancé helps a lot; he keeps my confidence up and keeps me going. It always helps when you have good girlfriends or your partner to work out with."

The brunette beauty is set to tie the knot with her beau, but she has remained tight lipped about when her special day will take place.

However, the catwalk icon has revealed in preparation for the marital ceremony she has been undergoing more facials, spa treatments and has upped her intake of skincare vitamins.

She explained: "I'm keeping [my wedding details] to myself, but it's very exciting. As it gets closer and closer, it's getting surreal. There is a lot to do. I am consistently very healthy, and I eat quite clean, but as I get closer to the wedding, I'm doing more facials and spa treatments and taking a lot more skincare vitamins. Other than that, it's just day by day in the planning process to get the wedding done."

But Shanina has revealed she already has a thorough daily skincare routine.

Speaking about her beauty regime to, she said: "I wash my face to cleanse it. My skin is quite oily, so depending on the season, I adjust how much moisturizer I put on it. I'm fine now, but I find that using too much skincare can flare up your skin. Then, I put a drying serum on my T-zone. I use a calming serum on my face - it just helps with acne scarring, it clears your skin, and it's a bit moisturizing as well. It's a favourite of mine.

"My night-time routine starts with washing my face. I use a toner, and it really cleans my skin. Then I use a night-time moisturizer. Estée Lauder has really great night-time moisturizers, like the Night Repair. I use Manuka honey as well."