Shay Mitchell wears "less make-up" in the summer time.

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell

The 30-year-old actress has admitted she avoids piling on the cosmetic products during the warmer months because she finds the heat mixed with "heavy foundation" doesn't mix "well" for her.

Speaking to US Weekly about her beauty hacks during the hotter seasons, the 'Pretty Little Liars' star said: "I tend to wear a bit less make-up in the summer because it's warm and the heat plus heavy foundation don't mix well."

And the brunette beauty has revealed she only relies on three cosmetic products, which will see her apply a moisturiser to her tanned skin, followed by a dash of bronzer and a sweep of mascara.

Speaking about her daily routine in the summer, she explained: "I will usually use a Tarte or Jouer tinted moisturiser, some nice bronzer and mascara."

Shay has also revealed her "go-to summer outfits" are summer dresses and rompers, which she will wear in both the day and night time, and she has revealed the brand Flynn Skye is her most preferred place to shop for her wardrobe essentials.

She explained: "I'm a huge fan of summer dresses and rompers. They are my go-to summer outfits for day and night. Flynn Skye is a brand I love for summery dresses."

Although Shay has a simple beauty routine over the summer, she has admitted she always spends a lot more time on her skincare routine, as she has been using face masks for over 18 years.

Speaking previously, Shay - who was named the face of the skincare company Bioré in April last year - said: "Friends who mask together stay together... no but for real, we have been doing masks for 18+ years (except now we are realizing how much we actually need them) work perk of being a @bioreus ambassador - face masks and pore strips for everyone! #missingmygirlsalready (sic)."

Shay enjoys a "mini spa day" every week, and devotes each Sunday to pampering herself after wearing makeup all week.

She said: "You really do have to take a day out of the week to kind of have your own mini spa day ... I think for me, it's kind of getting into a routine of things. I think it's about taking those times to kind of replenish your skin."