Sienna Miller's fashion rule is to always wear shoes that "you can dance in".

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

The 37-year-old actress has partnered with Jimmy Choo for the first instalment of its 'In My Choos' campaign which sees the star model the fashion house's new pre-fall 2019 line of footwear, eyewear and handbags.

For Sienna, the collaboration was a natural choice for her because she always thinks about what shoes she is going to wear for every event, and if she'll end up "taking them off".

Speaking to Jimmy Choo's 'In My Choos' series, she said "I don't think I have a golden rule to dressing up ... actually that's not true - you definitely want to wear shoes that you can dance in. Or be prepared to take them off, which I always am. A person that's wearing something as simple as black jeans and a T-shirt can radiate glamour, and that comes with self-confidence and being calm and centred."

Sienna thinks the 90s was a "chic" moment for fashion because "no one looked like they were trying to hard", and the fact there was no social media meant that people could be "wild and reckless" in that era.

She said: "I mean, the 90s, for me, were just the chicest moment. Women in oversized blazers and very little make-up, I love that aesthetic. Because no one really looked like they were trying too hard.

"I get so sad sometimes looking back and seeing these pre-Instagram, pre-social media days where people were really wild and reckless and nothing was contrived or thought about, and it was a really original moment in fashion. It didn't feel it at the time. I was young, but. I remember it.

"But it just felt like scruffy, but now it's such a cool look, and I remember being at school and looking at photos of Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss and Johnny Depp."

The 'American Woman' actress - who has daughter Marlowe, six, with her former partner Tom Sturridge - also admitted that she thinks women who are confident in their own skin "stand out" the most.

She added: "Somebody who's really comfortable in their own skin, somebody who is individual, someone who is brave and courageous, always stands out."