Sophie Turner wears "24 carat gold snail gel" eye patches.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

The 21-year-old actress swears by the skincare product, which she has insisted is not "actually" made of the shelled gastropods, because she has "really bad circles" under her eyes and the item helps to brighten her under-eye area.

Speaking about her beauty hacks to Elle UK Online, the blonde-haired beauty said: "I have really bad circles under my eyes so I always put on these 24 carat gold snail gel eye patches. They're not actually snails! I leave them for 20 minutes, take them off and it brightens my eyes completely. It's amazing, I always, always use them."

And the 'X-Men: Apocalypse' star has revealed though she owns "a lot" of beauty products, she doesn't wear much make-up.

She explained:"I don't wear a lot of make-up but I have a lot of make-up."

Sophie - who recently announced her engagement to singer Joe Jonas - finds beauty and trend inspiration on social media, although she will not be trying the "father eyebrow" trend any time soon because she believes she doesn't have "enough hair" on her brows.

She said: " I find a lot of inspiration from Instagram - I really like to find looks that would work on me. I take a lot of pictures to my make-up artist and say, 'Can we do something like this?', and then they create a whole new look for me inspired by that. I love putting together moments like that, beauty moments.

"I saw that feather eyebrow thing but I don't even have enough hair on my eyebrows to be able to do that! Like, that's just insane. I'm all down for having nice eyebrows, brushing them up a bit, make them look bushier, but doing that feather thing where you split it down the middle? I mean that's kind of crazy."

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