Stella McCartney has "never" felt fashionable.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

The 44-year-old English fashion designer - who launched her eponymous fashion range in 2001 - has admitted she felt "talked down" by other brands and was led to believe a future in the fashion industry would not be the right career path for her.

She told the Daily Telegraph: "When I was young, I never felt rich enough or fashionable enough or good enough.

"I felt talked down to by luxury fashion labels. There was a disconnect. They made me feel we weren't right for each other."

And the mother of four - who has daughters Reiley, five, Bailey, nine, and sons Beckett, eight, and Miller, 11, with her husband Alasdhair Willis - has revealed she feels responsible for her children growing up too quickly.

Speaking about her influence on her children, she said: "I look at Bailey, my nine-year-old, and she's already old beyond her years. She's very aware of advertising. We all are. I feel responsible. I never want to promote an ad that makes women feel bad about themselves."

Meanwhile, the creative mastermind has revealed - who recently launched a lingerie capsule in 2008 - has admitted her clothing lines are designed to make women feel comfortable and effortless, and has confessed to sampling the upcoming garments on herself and her colleagues to test how suitable they are.

She explained: "I'm about helping women look as good as possible on the least amount of effort, I want versatility and comfort. Clothes that can go from the office to anywhere. We're always trying on samples at work. If none of us would wear it, chances are no one else will.

"They can wear a dress to the office without feeling they've suddenly become this sexual creature. They're less dictated to by the likes of me, and that's great."

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