Stella McCartney wants her new fragrance to represent young women.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

The fashion designer recently launched her Pop perfume, which is aimed at millennials, and was aware she needed to make the scent as modern as possible.

She said; "I really wanted to represent young women in beauty in a more modern, contemporary way - to give them something they can identify with and have ownership of. It's a time of great change for these customers - when you're a girl becoming a woman, working out what you want to do for the first time."

Stella has chosen Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon, actress and campaigner Amandla Stenberg, animal activist Kenya Kinski Jones and musician Grimes to front the campaign as she believes they represent her target audience.

She told "I can't relate to those beauty stories that just aren't real. When girls are so airbrushed, or fuzzy, or in that whole dream-like state. For me the girls in the Pop campaign are living life, they're who you want to be. When it came to casting I didn't want conventional models, I wanted women who represented what we were talking about - I mean, it's their fragrance. And shooting the campaign was amazing. I have done so many shoots in my time and so many are a struggle, but this happened really naturally and it was a wonderful thing to see unfold. It gave me a lot of confidence that what we'd been creating in the studio - the fragrance, the bottle, the packaging - was all connected."

The mother-of-four also says the girls are great role models for her own daughters - Bailey, 10, Reiley, six.

She added: "For me it's about being bold. That's why we called it Pop. It's pink, but it's a powerful pink. It's the kind of fragrance I'd love my daughters to wear when they grow up - I want my daughters to look up to those girls."

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