Stella McCartney worried about the Olympic athletes reactions to GB kit.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

The 44-year-old fashion designer - who has collaborated with Adidas on the outfits for Great Britain's athletes kit - has admitted she was nervous about what the 600 competitors and the nation would think of her designs, and finds it "hard" to know their true thoughts on the athleisure wear, which she unveiled on Wednesday (27.04.16).

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph newspaper about her fear for the hi-tech Lycra patriotic pieces, she said: "It's so hard to really read people's reactions.

"Hopefully they will be polite to me. I worry about what the athletes think, of course - but that goes hand to hand with what the nation thinks."

However, Stella - the daughter of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney - has revealed the contestants prefer the items, which are made of a light-weight fabric and feature sections of the Union Flag design subtly emblazoned on the garments, more than her 2012 sportswear capsule.

She explained: "They love it. They tell me they feel time and love and consideration has gone into it, and they appreciate that the fit is even better."

Stella has confessed she battled when discussing design ideas, but strived to ensure the garments were comfortable for the athletes.

She said: "I fight the athletes corner. I want the best quality fabrics, but also insist on details, like two-way zips. You are tightly governed by what sport's governing bodies allow but I try to navigate around that to make the athletes feel better.

"I felt it was really important to create a coat of arms to draw on our heritage."

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