Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon

Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon's new fashion line has "no seasons".

The designer launched a lifestyle brand last November which is aimed at working women with a "modern, clean and sensual" style, and she has decided to produce monthly collections which are relevant at the time of release instead of debuting summer and winter collections months before they can be worn.

She told Vogue.co.uk: "During my non-compete year, I was thinking about what to do and it struck me that I was so sick of buying clothes in advance. I want to buy something and wear it, not wait six months after the shows when I'm no longer as excited about it.

"So my business model has no seasons - I produce monthly collections that make sense. So in January when you're freezing your arse off you can wear this cosy cashmere knit dress."

The businesswoman - who built the Jimmy Choo brand with the eponymous Malaysian-born cobbler - sold the company for $800 million in 2011, leaving her with an estimated $135 million fortune.

Despite her previous success, Tamara was initially nervous about launching her own lifestyle brand which sells products on tamaramellon.com and at stand-alone Tamara Mellon stores, due to open in New York City and London in late 2014.

She added: "Launching this label was as scary and daunting as it has been rewarding."

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