Tom Cruise's style is "elegant with a sexy, masculine edge", according to stylists Nicole and Wendi Ferreira.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

The 54-year-old actor's fashion sense has been described as unique in comparison to other actors the style gurus have worked with, because he is "very classic" and likes to pay close attention to the "minute details".

Speaking about the dark-haired hunk, Nicole - who has been working as a double act with her sibling since 2005 - said: "I would describe Tom's style as elegant ... with a sexy, masculine edge. It's very classic. He's very much all about details, and there's minute details, but they matter. It sets him apart and makes it outstanding.

"He's very in tune with how he's supposed to look; he has a definite idea of what he wants to convey."

And the 'Mummy' hunk - who has children Suri, 11, with his former partner Katie Holmes, Isabella, 24, and Connor, 22, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman - has to have his suits custom made prior to star studded events because he thinks tailoring is "important", although this means the fashion pair have to begin to organise Tom's outfit months in advance of any ceremony he is due to attend.

Speaking about the five foot five inches star's specific requirements, Nicole said: "A lot of what he wears is made-to-measure because of how important tailoring is."

Although Wendi and Nicole have only been working with the 'Jerry Maguire' icon for the last two years, they were familiar with the way he dressed and his appearance prior to collaborating with him, but still had to do extensive research on how his wardrobe choices have changed over time.

Wendi explained to "We grew up watching him, so it was a lot of research ... looking at how his style has evolved and pulling images that screamed 'Tom Cruise' to us. Then we did a concise pull of things we want to see him in."