Tracy Anderson is launching a virtual studio for her clients.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson

The fitness instructor's new initiative aims to mirror the experience of attending a workout class in person as closely as possible and clients will be greeted by an avatar of Anderson and her chief training officer Maria Kelling, who will guide them through induction.

Tracy told WWD: "I think that my whole career has been about being the future of things, really being forward thinking in health and wellness, and seeing where we're falling short or where we could do better. My personality has always been, 'Well, let's make solutions.'

"I think the big thing with this launch is for people to understand that the technology of streaming is not new, but for fitness it's very generic. There's only a couple of platforms that anybody can be on and they're not user-friendly at all. We always felt like it was off brand for us and we really wanted to make it better, but it's a huge thing to create your own - but that's what we've done."

Tracy's new platform also features a virtual locker room for her clients to get together and she revealed she was determined to keep her fitness community together when the Covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of studios.

She explained: "I shut [my studios] down really quickly, but you can't shut down the way you serve people, especially right when they need it the most, because this is a big emotional shocker to people. It's a big physical threat to our health. As we watched it unfold and get more and more out of control and spread more, I felt that much more passionate about bringing people together without bringing them [physically together]. By keeping them emotionally connected without having them next to each other."

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