Victoria Beckham has shared the beauty secret to her signature smoky eye.

Victoria Beckham reveals secret to signature smoky eye

Victoria Beckham reveals secret to signature smoky eye

The former spice girl - who launched her eponymous brand ‘Victoria Beckham Beauty’ back in 2019 - has revealed the step by step process of her iconic make-up look.

The fashion icon - who often sports smoky makeup on the eyes - described it as “soft, smoky, eye-opening, and a bit undone".

She added: “I love a lot of blended liner under my lashes, the clean, yet undone smoky eye,”

Victoria - whose eyes have "always been part" of her classic look - noted how she has always been keen to "learn as much" as possible, and she's enjoyed helping other people with their makeup.

She told Grazia: “My eyes have always been part of my signature look. I learned a lot about techniques and what works for my eyes while in the make-up chair.

"I've always loved beauty, so over the years I've tried to learn as much as I can. I love playing make-up artist.”

Earlier this year, the former Spice Girls singer took to Instagram and shared a simple makeup tutorial to her millions of followers.

The demo was accompanied by captions on how to achieve the signature look.

Post read: “My signature @victoriabeckhambeauty smoky eye in two simple steps

“1. Trace a thick line along the upper lashes and a finer line along the lower lash line (this is Ash, which I love for something a little different but I usually go for Cocoa for everyday).

“2. Blend out with the sponge tip into the desired shape. Add more colour to the lash line if needed.”