Victoria Beckham used to have "quite bad skin" when she was in the Spice Girls.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

The 43-year-old designer - who has become a fashion icon and beauty guru since she left the band in 2000 - has admitted it's taken her a long time to find out what products work for her because she used to suffer with spots when she was younger.

Speaking to Into The Gloss, she said: "'I used to have quite bad skin when I was younger and I was constantly covering up spots and things like that.

"Luckily, I don't have to worry too much about that anymore. Over time, you learn what works for you. And, you know, I tried some interesting looks in the Spice Girls.

"At this point, I've done so many photo shoots and red carpets that I've learned so much about my beauty style by looking back at pictures of myself."

The brunette beauty has revealed she spends £648 on products for her everyday skincare routine, £366 on make-up, £124 on body products and £66 on hair care.

Victoria - who spends her time between the UK and the US - is often jetting back and forwards and likes to give herself a mini-facial every time she boards a long flight.

She will then cleanse her skin with Sarah Chapman's Skinesis Stem Cell Collagen Activator in a bid to fight against the air-con on board and give her a fresh look.

Meanwhile, Victoria - who joined forces with the cosmetics giant Estée Lauder on a makeup collection in April 2016 - wears a "bucket load" of concealer.

She said recently: "I am a control freak in case you haven't heard already.

"When I did the collaboration, I had a dining table full of cosmetics and ideas. I even had ideas about how much pigment should be used for the perfect concealer. I wear a bucket load of it."

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