Victoria Lee wasn't "scared" to take on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Victoria Lee walking the VS Fashion Show

Victoria Lee walking the VS Fashion Show

The 28-year-old Australian supermodel - who has modelled for Ralph Lauren and DKNY among many other major labels - made her runway debut for the lingerie giant in 2017 when the catwalk extravaganza arrived in Shanghai, China.

Although she was aware that the eyes of the world were on her, Victoria insists she never nervous because she knew she was ready to take her place in the show.

Speaking to Vogue Australia magazine, she said: "It didn't scare me, if you know what I mean; I felt ready.

"I was familiar with the show and how many people see it basically, so the fact that there are a lot of eyes on you didn't surprise or shock me."

Victoria did notice her followers on social media increased by a big amount once she had walked in the show and she accepts that her posts carry more weight and influence now.

She added: "My followers went through the roof ... It does make me think about my posts a lot more. I'm quite aware that I'm supposed to be an influence. I see who I'm reaching and speaking to."

However, there are some parts of her life that Victoria wants to keep off of social media because she believes that everyone is entitled to a private life.

She said: "I think there should be a bit of mystery to you."