Top fashion innovators, icons and trend setters came together to explore the concept of individual style in a recent event, sharing their own insights and experiences.

Hilary Alexander, Dawn O'Porter and Zhandra Rhodes discusses personal style

Hilary Alexander, Dawn O'Porter and Zhandra Rhodes discusses personal style

The debate, hosted by style queen Dawn O'Porter and featuring a panel of sartorial royalty, took place at TK Maxx's inaugural Style By Me debate.

The panel, featuring fashion pioneer Zandra Rhodes, legendary opinion former Hilary Alexander OBE, internet uber-vlogger Jim Chapman and celebrity stylist Andrew Davis discussed the rise of individualism and personal style in our socially connected world. The panel shared insights and the definition of their own personal style, imparting some of their legendary style expertise during a lively and interactive debate.

Designer, Zandra Rhodes commented: "Individualism really flowers in this country… people come to the fashion week and you see them making their own statements - it's exciting ….pink is always in for me, I once dyed my hair brown and it lasted a week."

Vlogger Jim Chapman commented: "I am living proof of social media allowing people to express themselves - for success online it's all about personality, my fans relate to me because I'm an individual… If you're happy, you'll make other people happy too. It's easier said than done, but ignore the haters."

Fashion icon and journalist Hilary Alexander stated "You have to have a laugh and enjoy fashion. You don't have to go out and absorb every single trend in a season, you can pick and choose…Find something you love and build your wardrobe around it."

"Individual style is about being confident about the way I look and enjoying what I'm wearing, it's all about being happy…it's amazing when you can get an emotion like that from your wardrobe." added Andrew Davis, renowned stylist.

Dawn O'Porter summarised the evening with some advice for people today, "For young people, following trends is the easy option, but as you get older you realise what does and doesn't work for you. It's brave to step away from trends and embrace your personal style… That's what fashion is, being inspired by a different time of place."

TK Maxx's current Me. By Me campaign centres around the insight that people are at their happiest and most confident when they are their true selves. The campaign stars real TK Maxx shoppers who embody the spirit of Me. By. Me; helping to inspire others to unlock their individuality and celebrate their own sense of style.

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