Yara Shahidi carries "different mementos" in her bag.

Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi

The 17-year-odl actress has revealed she cannot leave the house without a pair of flat shoes, a range of snacks that tend to be a packet of nuts, a box of motion sickness tablets, as well as one of her many keepsakes she has collected over time.

Speaking to Us Weekly about her essentials, the 'Black-ish' star said: "I like to keep a snack -- usually a nut mix from Trader Joe's. I opened my bag the other day and there were almonds everywhere. It's taken a week to get them out.

"I always have Bonine in my bag because I get motion sickness.

"When I'm at events, my mama will carry ballet flats or sneakers. There's a pair Tory Burch just came out with. I was at the MTV Movie Awards and I popped those on after.

"I have different mementos in each bag. I collected Buddha statues when I was little, so sometimes those. Once I was clearing out a bag and a big amethyst fell out. I was like, 'That's where it was!'"

And the brunette beauty has revealed she also carries around a jade roller, which is a beauty product that helps to boost circulation in the face, and she has hailed the cosmetic item as a "nice little wake up call".

She continued: "Usually, I use a jade roller on my face with some coconut oil or an essential oil. It's a nice little wake-up call."

Yara has revealed she also carries a variety of lip products with her as well, including Bert's Bee's Lip Shine in Smooch, two Chanel Rouge Coco Glosses, and a Glossier clear lip gloss.