Zac Posen thinks his ability as a designer to "bring lots of different women" together is "exciting."

Zac Posen

Zac Posen

The 36-year-old creative mastermind - who founded his fashion brand House of Z in 2002 - has admitted he loves being able to work with various females from "different backgrounds" and widen the diversity in the fashion business.

Speaking to TODAY Style about his career, he said: "To me, that's what's exciting about being a designer. Being able to bring lots of different women with different backgrounds into your clothing. That's the excitement of being able to create something that has the ability to work on a lot of bodies.

"As a designer, I always want to put out to a larger public. I truly believe that all bodies are beautiful, and that's what makes our world exciting."

The dark-haired mogul thinks the belief that fashion is "unachievable" is "bogus", and he thinks it is possible for merchandise to be created to empower the wearer.

He explained: "I think fashion, for a long time, relied on the marketing tool of the unachievable, and it's a bunch of bogus. Today it has to be about authenticity. The way I cut my clothing ... it is about empowerment and loving the curves of the body."

And Zac hopes his beliefs become a "trend" in their own right and the "mindset of the industry" can progress.

He said: "I hope that these values don't get kind of put into a trend that goes out of style in fashion. I hope that this is something that's here to stay, and that there's progress from this, and evolution of the mindset of an industry. And that's something I'll work for for the rest of my life.

"I hope that my experience, the good sides, the bad sides ... is an example for young people who do feel like an outsider, to feel confident in who they are."

Meanwhile, the 'Project Runway' judge has admitted he finds it "hard" to watch himself on TV.

He said: "It's always hard to watch yourself. I always have to take a deep breath each week when watching 'Project Runway'."

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