Zoey Deutch is "very particular" about her outfits.

Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch

The 22-year-old actress has admitted she is very specific with the garments she adorns, and she will surprise her friends with some of her ensembles when they go out to a club in Los Angeles together and she adorns a "full black lawyer suit".

Speaking about her style and unusual wardrobe choices to InStyle.com, the golden-haired beauty said: "I'm very particular about what I wear.

"I'll go out with my friends to a club in L.A. in a full black lawyer suit, totally buttoned up, with pointy heels, and I'm barely even showing the tips of my fingers. They'll be like, 'Zoey?'"

Although the American star has been spotted wearing designer garments, she has admitted she loves nothing more than going to garage sales with her mother, Lea, and her 26-year-old sibling Madelyn, in the hunt for vintage items.

She explained: "One of my favourite things to do with my mom and sister is to go to garage sales. We take road trips to visit thrift stores in Albuquerque or Montana."

Meanwhile, the 'Dirty Grandpa' star has admitted when she has a good night's sleep she is bouncing off the walls because she has so much energy, but she has also hinted being with herself constantly is draining - even for her.

She said: "You should be really grateful you're not catching me when I've had a full night of sleep. Because you would be so exhausted.

"When people tell me I have a lot of energy, I usually feel bad for them, but then they only have to spend a certain amount of time with me. I have to be with me all the time."