The Way They Were...The Spice Girls 1997

The Way They Were...The Spice Girls 1997

The 90s is one of those weird fashion eras where we can't quite seem to remember exactly what was stylish.

The 50s was synonymous with prom dresses, the 60s was all about the mini-skirt and in the 70s it was the flare which ruled supreme; so what about the 90s?

Platform trainers, mini-dresses and crop tops are what we most remember of the 90s, along with Geri's Union Jack Dress, Mel B's fetish with leopard print and Mel C's Adidas addiction.

Yes, those Spice Girls were a huge fashion influence on what we wore in the mid-to late nineties, and unfortunately we're not entirely sure their fashion choices would be considered stylish today.

All Saints took over their style mantel in the late 90s, rocking a more masculine look compared to The Spices and their 'Girl Power' fashion they had become famous for.

Bandanas, body piercing and most importantly combat pants and boots were suddenly to must-have items for women, as the baby doll dresses and heavy make-up were retired to fashion's history

Another girl band, B*Witched were single handy responsible for bringing denim back into the forefront of fashion too, as up until that point jeans had almost been relegated to men only.

When they first appeared on the music scene they were rocking customised jeans, waistcoats and jackets, making denim more feminine and fun once again.

Why do the 90s continue to be by-passed each season in the fashion world then? Well, the 90s appear to be a bit of an odd one, as it's almost considered too 'new' to reinvent.

That's despite the fact we're now well into the 00s, and are currently once again having a flirt with 80s fashion for the upcoming spring/summer months, so when will we revisit the 90s?

Well, the question should be- will we ever revisit the 90s, or was it just one of those fashion decades, which is better left forgotten?

Maybe the reason the 90s has never really been tapped into, is that it's just not associated with anything specific enough fashion wise.

Like we said, all other eras have something stylish with defines them, the question to be asked now is- what fashion, if any helped to shape the 90s?

FemaleFirst- Laura Terry