Letitia Herod looking beautiful at the Clothes Show Live

Letitia Herod looking beautiful at the Clothes Show Live

At the latest Clothes Show Live in December, for the first time Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model took to the show for a live catwalk which was hosted by Charley Speed (who I also got to speak too) and the contestants of Cycle 8 stormed the catwalk. 

I got the chance for a quick chat with winner Letitia Herod about what's been going on since the show and what her dream runway show would actually be. 

Firstly, congratulations on winning Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model.

Thank you.

How’s it been since you won the show?

It’s been crazy; I’ve loved every single minute of it. I’ve done so many things that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing before. I’m just so happy.

You met so many different people on the show, was there anyone in particular that you were really nervous or excited about meeting?

To be honest I just treat people as normal people, I just don’t let myself get nervous about meeting people, so I was ok really.

What tips do you have for aspiring models?

Don’t let anyone ever bring you down, you know it’s a hard business to get into and people who have been modelling for years are even still struggling. Getting into the industry is just hard enough but if you’re above 5ft 8”, you’re a slim girl, and you’ve got long legs most of the time you will end up modelling; it will take a while but give it a go.

Have you ever been to the Clothes Show Live before?

No, I haven’t. I had a little look around; I haven’t been able to indulge in the shopping though which is upsetting.

What’s been the biggest thing that’s happened to you since you won the show?

There have been lots and lots. Doing the Clothes Show Live was lovely because I’m getting to be up on stage and see all of the fans. There’s been so much, you’ve got Miss Selfridge and Revlon and absolutely loved doing them too.

So what pieces of advice were you given during the show that you’ve been able to use since?

Mainly confidence, that’s so key and just being yourself and never letting anyone get you down. Even if you are down pick yourself and just keep on going.

Is there anything the show never prepared you for?

There probably are little things, but nothing major. The show was incredibly helpful to get you a kick-start in the industry and get the jist of what it is like to be working in the modelling industry.

Finally, what’s coming up next for you?

We shall see, I don’t really know. I always find out about things like the day before. So we never know what’s going to happen to me. Maybe you'll next see me on the Victoria's Secret catwalk.... I wish. 

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