Style Trend for 2011...Men Watches

Style Trend for 2011...Men Watches

Following the advice of Tom Ford that every man should have a "beautiful day watch" here at FemaleFirst, we have tried to find 10 of the best watches out there at the moment - different ranges in style and price to so you can tick this off your list of accessories every man must have.

This green fun watch is available from Red Herring for £10.

An everyday watch that is fun and cheap and perfect for that young, casual look.

This Timex Expenditure watch available from Argos for £25.52 (Right) is a great day watch. With a smart face and a leather strap it is easily read and will last a while.

Available from River Island for £21.99, this grey square faced watch (left) would look great for evening as well as casual looks.

The dark leather and face is accentuated by the shiney silver frame. It really stands out. 

  (Right) If you're looking for a great summer watch then look no further than this little number. Available from River Island for £26.99, this will go with any outfit comprising of a Tee-shirt and flip flops.

If you like square faced watches it doesn't get much better than this one.

For price and style - you're not going to get much more trend for your money than this.

By Thomas Nash £26.00

 For £165 you can get your hands on an actual D&G time piece.

The metal strap and simple, square face look professional and would be a welcome addition for any office man wanting to bling up a suit.

 Who doesn't love Armani? This stunning watch oozes style and sophistication, and for only £275 it is part of the classic Armani range.

This would be a great work watch as well as daily - either way you'd certainly get your wear out of it.

 The added detail in the faces of this Rotary watch (right) make it one of the best to buy this season.

Though it may be a little expensive at £289 it is well worth it as you too will be bang on fashion and trend.

This Hugo Boss (Left) is something a little different. But if sleek, stylish and simple is your thing then this is bound to be right up your street.

At £299 it is a great day watch for work and everyday. We particularly like the silver dials on the black. Very modern and monochrome.

If you have £2195 to spend on a luxury watch then look no further than this stunning Tag Heuer watch (right). It is part of the exclusive classic range and the metal strap and black face are very stylish this summer.

The face has everything you could ever want from a watch, including the date, stop watch amongst other features. Just look at it...the quality speaks for itself.

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