Red lips help a woman feel sexy

Red lips help a woman feel sexy

Feeling sexy raises your confidence and helps give you a boost, especially if you're on a night out. But what things are helping you feel this way?

New research has revealed the top 20 things which can make a woman feel sexy. 

The top three boosts were having silky smooth legs, putting on new underwear and receiving a compliment from a man (or a woman).

Also on the list were painted finger nails, putting up hair and sipping a glass of wine, according to the study by online underwear retailer Boux Avenue.

Lisa Bond, spokeswoman for Boux Avenue, said: "It’s amazing that the most subtle changes can transform a woman in to feeling sexy.

"High heels and red lipstick predictably have an effect on how we look, feel, and act, but people tend to underestimate the power that new underwear can have on a woman, despite the fact very few people will actually see it.

"Dressing up by wearing nice underwear, a fabulous dress and a spritz of perfume can really make you feel special.”

The study also found a flashy one in ten women think wearing diamonds makes them feel sexy, while 80% said high heels made them feel instantly appealing and feel that bit slimmer.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the study found that more than half of females said they always feel better when their hair and make-up is done.

A very dedicated one in twenty women said they consciously make the effort to be sexy every day, but a slightly less sultry 19% said they never bother.

Aside from clothes, hair, and make-up, the biggest impact on a female’s ‘sexiness’ was considered to be confidence, followed by her personality and charisma – with one in ten feeling that a sense of humour was a sexy personal trait for women to possess.

But it would seem there is a fine line between what is overtly sexy and what is considered unappealing.

A visible cleavage is thought to be sexy by 40% but unappealing by 60%.  Tattoos, lots of make-up and the tops of knickers on display are also considered turn-offs by the majority of people.

Of the 2000 women polled, more than half said they like to be sexy for their other half and 28% have even admitted to dressing provocatively to get what they want.

Of those, three quarters did it to woo a date and one in ten girls did it to get their car fixed.

The poll found on a typical morning, UK ladies would spend around 17 minutes getting ready before heading out the door, but would spend nearly 40 minutes preening if it was a big night out.

But a saucy one in five women said they often dress up to stay in, with a third saying they regularly don stockings, suspenders and high heels.

When it comes to night time, four in ten women feel sexiest when they are wearing nothing at all, but a quarter prefer to slip on a sexy nightie- a more laidback 20% said they prefer a pair of pyjamas.

More than half of females said they favoured black underwear, followed by red.

On average 29% of women regularly wear matching underwear.

Lisa added: "The clothes we wear and the style we adopt contribute to how sexy we feel, and underwear plays a huge part in that.

"Putting on new underwear for the first time and wearing a matching bra and knicker set does boost your confidence and make you feel more alluring.

"Lingerie is no longer just to be hidden under clothes, something that the recent ‘Underwear As Outerwear’ trend has reinforced.”

Women are celebrating their curves once again, aspiring to an ultra-feminine ‘Mad Men’ inspired silhouette, and investing in beautiful lingerie to help them feel as sexy as possible.”


1. Smooth legs
2. Receiving a compliment
3. New underwear
4. Wearing a push-up bra
5. Black stilettos
6. Wearing perfume
7. Wearing stockings and suspenders
8. Applying red lipstick
9. Painted fingernails
10. Glass of wine
11. Short dress
12. Knee high boots
13. Tight jeans
14. Dancing
15. Curling hair
16. Putting their hair up
17. Wearing diamonds
18. Fake-tanning
19. Applying false eyelashes
20. See-thru top

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