Dame Helen Mirren knows how to dress for her age

Dame Helen Mirren knows how to dress for her age

With summer weather finally round the corner and women building themselves up to a wardrobe revamp, Julie Donnelly, head of buying at isme.com specialist 50+ brand Savoir, has prepared these essential top tips to trying the season’s new looks. 

· Reboot your well-cut basics: a revamp is an opportunity to invest in fresh well-fitted staples. If you get one statement piece this summer, make it a pair of nicely tailored trousers: this season’s hottest look is a floral ankle grazer with heeled shoes. It will instantly injects your look with freshness and be flattering to all shapes and sizes.

· Taste the neon rainbow: step out of your comfort zone and be brave with colour! Really bright brights are very hot at the moment, but you don’t have to go top to toe neon to embrace the trend. Pick one colour, for example a coral T-top which is flattering to most, and wear it with white (another big trend at the moment) or stone for a more refined look.

· Anyone can be pretty in prints: There are beautiful patterns everywhere to play with, from big florals to little conversational motifs (e.g. little birds and foxes, which are extremely most popular now) and paisley. The trick is moderation - leave the head toe look to Jessie J! She may look amazing, but almost anyone else will look dated.

· Explore your hemline horizons: many of us fall into a rut of just wearing one length, and something as simple as bringing your hemline up or down can have a huge transformative effect. To check what lengths might suit you best, take a towel and stand in front of a full length mirror while wearing a pair of comfortable but heeled shoes. First hold the towel above your knees, then lower it to below your knee and the down to mid calf. You’ll see which stage your legs looked the best without the distraction, and may be surprised at the results!

· Dust down your denim: and don’t be afraid to double up. Women of any age can pull off the look with jeans and denim shirt worn together, or even go triple-denim, with a denim jacket! The trick is in the cut and control: invest in a pair with a little stretch and tummy control to add confidence.

· Shock and ore: you can make a big impact with some accessories. Gold is this season’s hottest colour for costume jewellery, bags and shoes. It looks good with the season’s brights and fabulous with this summer’s big trend of top to toe white. A look that can be pulled off whatever your shape.

· Do try this at home: the beauty of online shopping is you can take inspiration from how clothes are put together in the photos and, best of all, take your time experimenting with combinations in the privacy of your own home without feeling rushed. It will do wonders for your confidence and you could astonish yourself with what you like if you let yourself be creative!

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