Each summer there is a swimwear trend to follow, regardless of whether it is minimal, vintage, neoprene or crochet. Many of us follow trending looks on social media and incorporate them into our own wardrobe, and Summer 2019’s trend radar is on SKIRTINI!

Will you be rocking a SKIRTINI in Summer 2019?

Will you be rocking a SKIRTINI in Summer 2019?

Foreseeing summer 2019, nostalgia did not bypass either, as the Ukrainian Vogue has recently acknowledged the young, fast-growing brand Young Aristocrat as the initiator to revive the long-forgotten swim-skirt trend and take the beach look to a new level.

Gergana Nikolova, who is the founder of the brand recognizes the importance, which choosing the right beach outfit has on the confidence of women and wants to offer the total look for those days and nights blurring into one beach-party at trending hot-spots in the summer.

Inspired by the 90’s style of minimalism and youthfulness, Young Aristocrat’s first collection launched in 2017 including premium swimwear pieces, chokers and body chains - all that you need to look cool and effortlessly chic at your Summer Getaway.

This year, the innovative brand aims to fill a gap in an industry overwhelmed by designs. Re-introducing swimsuits with miniskirts, also called SKIRTINIS (which date back to the 60s when it solely served the purpose to cover-up), the brand have something different in mind.

Gergana, who is also the designer of the brand is re-introducing the old concept with a new vision. The trending pieces, which are made of the same Italian-recycled fabrics used for the production of the “Essentials Collection”, are the perfect holiday outfit suitable for bathing, tanning and partying.

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