Don't let style let you down this Valentine's Day

Don't let style let you down this Valentine's Day

Millions of women will be donning their finest outfits and glamming up to the hilt to make sure they look their absolute best for the most romantic day of the year, giving their confidence a boost by looking their absolute finest.

While we all know it’s what on the inside that counts, what you wear on the outside can also say a lot about you, as can the layer you wear under your clothes.

Whether you’re blissfully in love already, content and comfortable with your beau, or desperately seeking love – looking your loveliest on the most romantic night of the year can make a big difference to how your night will end. So what look should you be aiming for?  Casual and cool, sexy and sensuous, or pretty and pleasant?

One of the key parts of any Valentine’s Day outfit is what’s underneath, and according to new research released today by TU at Sainsbury’s, over half of all British babes will select special underwear for the event and a third of the nation’s women will even invest in new lingerie for the occasion.

So how can you make sure you look your best both on the outside and underneath this Valentine’s Day?



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